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Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

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Definition: Alternative dispute resolution (also known as ADR), includes a variety of methods by which legal conflicts and disputes are resolved privately and outside of the court system. The most common forms are arbitration and mediation. In mediation, a neutral person assists those involved in the conflict in communicating and negotiating a settlement that satisfies all of them.

Alberta Resources

This website from Alberta Courts provides access to videos about the various Mediation programs available for the Civil (non-family) Mediation program and the Family and Child Intervention

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This section of the Alberta Court of Justice website explains about using mediation to resolve a lawsuit. You may request mediation or the court may select your lawsuit for mediation once a Dispute Note has been filed. This program is free to the parties involved.

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Court and Justice Services (CJS) provides administrative support to all the courts within the province, including electronic legal information services through Alberta Law Libraries.

CJS offer: legal information services for the public on court procedures and legal services options; assistance with locating and filling out court forms; referrals to other community legal services, as well as dispute resolution services for child support, family and child medication, conflict intervention, family mediation, and civil mediation. 

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Alberta Family Mediation Society (AFMS) advocates resolution of family conflict through the use of mediation by qualified professionals. AFMS offers a family-centered conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party (the mediator) helps the participants in negotiating a consensual, informed and fair agreement.

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The Alberta Resotrative Justice Association (ARJA) is a group of organizations and individuals who practice Restorative Justice. The Association supports existing and new Restortaive Justice initiatives in Alberta.

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The General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation that has been in operation since 2002 providing dispute resolution services for conflicts between complainants and their insurers in the areas of home, auto and business insurance. GIO’s neutral and professional mediators and experienced Information Officers help complainants and insurance companies work toward a solution that is in the best interests of both parties in a fair, independent and impartial environment. (PDF - 2 pages)

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The Alberta Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta is a not for profit organization which provides education and information to its members and the general public on solving disputes more effectively. They provide an annually updated Directory of Arbitrators and Mediators in Alberta.

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Catholic Social Services is a multi-function social service agency that serves people of all faiths and cultures throughout central Alberta. Founded in 1961, the agency has grown to deliver more than 100 programs.CSS is divided into Service and Program areas offered in five distinct Regions throughout central and northeast Alberta. Major Service areas include: Children, Family, and Community Service,Community Outreach and Disability Service, Immigration and Settlement Service, and Substance Abuse and Corrections Service.

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This information is written for new and long-term Calgarians, homeowners or tenants looking for more information about their responsibilities within their neighbourhood. It is a quick reference to help you get started. See also: the Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide which is an overview of municipal bylaws governing neighbourhood issues.

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The Community Mediation Calgary Society (CMCS) is a non-profit organization of volunteers available to assist in resolving conflicts between neighbors and within community associations and non-profit organizations. They are a group of professional mediators who provide free, confidential and voluntary non-legal) dispute resolution service to the community.The CMCS can be contacted at (403) 269-2707.

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