Filing Appeals

If the decision of a court is disputed it may be possible to ask a higher court to consider the case again. The following resources provide information about appeals.

CPLEA Suggested Resources

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Alberta Resources

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Court of King's Bench, the Provincial Court and administrative tribunals. Court of Appeal sittings are held in Edmonton and Calgary and serve the entire Province of Alberta. This website provides access to publications and forms relevant to Alberta's Court of Appeal. The Court has information sheets which provide a summary of and commentary on various types of documents and processes at the Court of Appeal. See:

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E-filing is for filing Alberta Court of Appeal documents only, specifically, Transcripts or E-Appeals (which consist of facta and supporting materials).

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Part of the Alberta Court Services is access to the Alberta Law Libraries. The primary mission of Alberta Law Libraries is to facilitate access to legal information for the Alberta community, including its judiciary, lawyers, citizens, libraries and government agencies. A section of their website is dedicated to helping Albertans get pointed in the right direction as they begin their legal research. members of the Alberta Law Libraries (ALL) team have prepared research guides on legislation, case law and a variety of subject-specific areas. In these guides, you will find information, resources and links about several areas of law. This page includes links to  legal agreements, court pleadings, court forms, and many other types of documents.

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The purpose of this guideline is to set out the criteria to be considered in initiating, prosecuting, and discontinuing appeals to the Court of Appeal of Alberta.

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A publication of Student Legal Services of Alberta. It covers: basic definitions, licence rules, ways a licence can be suspended, and how to appeal a suspension / disqualification or Criminal Code offence conviction.

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Information on how to appeal a decision made in the Court of King’s Bench, including small claims, family law claims and conviction offences.

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Fees and appeals for vehicles seized due to impaired driving in Alberta. Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions include immediate roadside vehicle seizures. You must contact the SafeRoads Alberta to review a vehicle seizure. SafeRoads Alberta is the adminstrative adjudication branch of Alberta transportation. 

See information on the Alberta Vehicle Seizure Programs - Vehicle Seizure Programs |

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This portal provides information and instructions on what is expected of you when you bring your own application for leave to appeal or when you have been named as a respondent on an application for leave to appeal. An application for leave to appeal is a document by which a party requests leave to be heard by the Supreme Court of Canada in an appeal from a judgment of a court of appeal. Visit this website for more information and instructions.

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