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Family law general resources

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The body of law dealing with marriage, divorce, custody, access and financial support of children and division of property of a failed marriage. General resources relate to family law in general, that is they cover a broad range of subjects within family law.

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The Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta produces and distributes booklets and pamphlets that explain the law in plain language. Topics areas include: Landlord and tenant; Real estate; Wills and estates; Registered charities; Elder abuse; and Law-related education materials for schools. Publications are available to download as PDFs or print copies may be ordered. 

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If you are a current or potential immigrant to Calgary this website will connect you to resources to support your success in a new life in Canada.  Services are provided by a large staff of multi-cultural professionals, who understand and have experienced the settlement process. The Centre offers a full suite of services, including: English language training for adults, supports for finding and retaining employment, and first-language settlement supports for individuals and families. With the assistance of Calgary Legal Guidance they are offering a free legal advice outreach clinic in family and immigration law.

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The world of dating is different than it used to be, this booklet provides important information about legal issues related to new relationships. This booklet is produced by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta.

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These online FAQs are provided by Canadian Legal FAQs, a website of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. These FAQs deal with divorce and provide information regarding: Divorce Act; Grounds for Divorce; Children and Divorce; Custody; Access; Child Support; and Mobility Rights.

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LawNow is a bi-monthly digital public legal education magazine which has been  published by the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta for almost 40 years.  Its articles  and columns are written in plain language and take a practical look at how the law relates to the every day lives of Canadians.In each issue, LawNow’s family law column takes a look at a specific topic in this area of law and explains it clearly and concisely.

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Guides for Self-Represented Litigants: civil law, criminal law, and family law

These handbooks developed by the Canadian Judicial Council are intended as helpful guides for people who are navigating the justice system without a lawyer to prepare and present their legal case. The Council has created three handbooks that contain a wealth of information on family law, civil law and criminal law in Canada. The information is provided in an easy to understand format, with various worksheets, useful tips, explanations of legal terms and concrete examples to guide litigants throughout the legal process.

To view the handbooks, click on the links below:

To view all resources of the Canadian Judicial Council see:

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Right to Love: Grandparent's Rights

This video explains the traditional role of Aboriginal grandparents, the historical significance of family members being severed from one another, and what a grandparent can do to maintain connection to their grandchild in government care in Alberta today. Grandparents will learn about Family Group Conferences, guardianship, kinship care, and visitation and feel empowered in their sacred family role.

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Sometimes married couples and common-law spouses may want to  consider a separation agreement when their relationship ends. An agreement will help outline:

  • Division of Property
  • Spousal Support
  • Understanding Assets and Liabilities
  • Custody and Guardianship
  • Child Support

This checklist and information sheet covers many of the topics that you may want to include in your separation agreement. The checklist is a publication of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta and forms part of their Families and the Law Series.

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Student Legal Services of Edmonton (SLS) is a student-managed, non-profit society dedicated to helping low-income individuals in Edmonton and area understand their legal issues and solve their legal problems. SLS focuses on four projects: Civil & Family Law (landlord/tenant matters, contracts, WCB/AISH/CPP/EI hearings, family law matters, uncontested divorces, and more); Criminal Law (SLS provides basic criminal law information and represents individuals charged with relatively minor criminal and quasi-criminal offences); Legal Education and Reform (community lectures and outreach programs, and research on poverty-related law reform issues); and Pro Bono Students of Canada (legal research for non-profit organizations).

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These online FAQs about international travel are provided by the Canadian Legal FAQs - a program of the Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta. These FAQs contain information you will need before, during and after your time abroad, as well as links to sources of further information.

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