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Small claims court

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A court (usually provincial or territorial) in which claims up to $100,000 (depends on the province) can be made. The procedures are simplified and designed so that claimants can conduct their cases themselves, without the assistance of lawyers.

Alberta Resources

Court and Justice Services (CJS) provides administrative support to all the courts within the province, including electronic legal information services through Alberta Law Libraries.

CJS offer: legal information services for the public on court procedures and legal services options; assistance with locating and filling out court forms; referrals to other community legal services, as well as dispute resolution services for child support, family and child medication, conflict intervention, family mediation, and civil mediation. 

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This website offers information to consider before you sue, if you are being sued, and the process that is involved. Information that is available on this website includes: The Basics; Civil Claim Flowchart; Before You Sue; Is it Worth Suing?; If You Have to Sue Someone; Forms Needed for a Civil Claim; Service of Documents; If You are Being Sued; Mediation and Pre-Trial Conferences; Adjournments; Default Judgment; Preparation for the Hearing; Witnesses; Courtroom Etiquette; After the Appearance; and Appeals.

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On this Alberta Provincial Court webpage you will find pages that sets out the Civil Claims Process. The content has been ordered based on the flow that a Civil Claim action goes through in Provincial Court Civil.

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The information presented in this brochure includes a generaldescription of proceedings in court, some specific information on the procedures involved when you want to sue someone or are being sued,and suggestions on how to prepare your case.It is recommended that you read this entire booklet before commencing the Civil Claims process.

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This information discusses the procedures of the Civil Division of the Provincial Court. The Civil division is often referred to as Small Claims Court. The purpose is to make you aware of your legal rights and responsibilities. Information is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance funded in part by the Alberta Law Foundation.

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Representing yourself in court is a daunting task. This issue of LawNow offers some suggestions for success.

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