Workplace Safety

Many hazards exist in the workplace, including the risks of working alone. Laws and regulations help protect the health and safety of workers. When injuries occur, compensation programs aim to make up for lost income and treatment costs as well as help with returning to work.

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Alberta Resources

The Centre is a registered charitable organization established in 1983. The Centre believes that every worker is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. They support all workers, both unionized and non-unionized, who need assistance to make their workplaces healthier and safer, or who request help as a result of workplace injuries or illnesses.  The Centre's website hosts learning materials on dramatic presentations to school audiences about employment and workplace health and safety law as well as links to publications on workplace rights.

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The Centre provides worker-focused resources about:

  • Health hazards on the job
  • Legislation and legal rights for a healthy and safe workplace
  • Research on health and safety issues and trends affecting workers

They also offer courses that are designed to give workers a better understanding of their Health and Safety rights and responsibilities, and provides tools for making the workplace safer.

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Generally, employment refers to work in non-unionized work settings. Employment standards are the minimum standards established by law that define and guarantee rights in the workplace. Each province and territory has its own legislation.This research guide is provided by Alberta Law Libraries.

Related topics include:

  • wrongful dismissal
  • human rights in the workplace
  • privacy
  • workplace health and safety
  • worker’s compensation
  • unemployment insurance
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New Alberta Workers is a not-for-profit program started in 2013.  its aim is to provide workplace health and safety information for Temporary Foreign Workers and other New to Alberta Workers

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This division of the Alberta government promotes health and safety through partnerships, education and enforcement of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The website includes sections for publications, statistics and reports, legislation, prosecutions, small business, young workers and working alone.


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The Office of the Appeals Advisor (OAA) was established to advance the interests of injured workers and their dependants. Appeals advisors are all certified in Tribunal Administrative Justice, are specialists in interpreting and applying the Workers' Compensation Act and WCB policies. They will walk you through the appeals process and act as your representative throughout. The OAA acts independently of WCB when representing workers and, whenever possible, they try to work directly with WCB's customer service areas to resolve issues so that a formal appeals hearing is not necessary. There is no charge to you for this service.

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Combatting Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

  • Free Seminar - Defines & explains Sexual Harassment in the Workplace. 
  • Intake & Referrals - Determine the best action plan for support.
  • Casework - Assist in filing complaints to various regulating bodies.
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The Workers' Compensation Board – Alberta is an independent organization that manages workers' compensation insurance based on legislation. WCB-Alberta is not a provincial government department or crown corporation. The organization is employer funded to provide cost-effective disability and liability insurance. Workers' compensation provides assistance to injured workers for lost income, health care and other costs related to a work-related injury.

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This web page from the Labour Program of the government of Canada contains information on the following: workplace safety; prevention; workkers compensation; ; compliance policy; and mental health in the workplace.

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The Young Workers Zone was created by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety to help young people stay healthy and safe at work. Teachers, young workers, parents and employers can get the information and tools needed to venture into the work world on a safe footing.

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