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Definition: Resources about legal topics related to operating a motor vehicle.
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Alberta Resources

This Alberta government webpage provides information on recent changes to Alberta’s alcohol- and drug-impaired driving offences and sanctions to align with new federal drug laws are now in effect. Information covered includes:

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Find or become a registry agent, get an Alberta ID card and become a Registries Online subscriber. Learn more about the identification and documentation you will need if you are applying for a driver’s licence or Alberta ID card. p>

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Dept. of the Alberta government that regulates drivers and vehicles, roads and highways and commerical transportation in Alberta.

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This information has been produced by the Edmonton Community Legal Centre. It discusses your appearance in Traffic Court.

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Summary, collision worksheet form, tips to remember and steps to follow after an automobile collision.

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This booklet provides information on the rules and regulations enacted by cities and provincial law with regard to tickets and fines.

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This guide provides key resources related to Impaired Driving Offences in Canada. It also includes materials dealing with non-criminal impaired driving offences within the legislation of the province of Alberta. Topics in this guide include:

  • Defences
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Impaired driving devices
  • Sentencing/Penalties
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Alberta has a demerit point system where demerit points are accumulated against your driver’s license for each traffic offence you are convicted off. Demerit points are assigned to a driving record in accordance with the Regulations under the Motor Vehicle Administration Act. This information is provided by Calgary Legal Guidance.

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A publication of Student Legal Services of Alberta. It covers: basic definitions, licence rules, ways a licence can be suspended, and how to appeal a suspension / disqualification or Criminal Code offence conviction.

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Service Alberta is responsible for providing numerous motor vehicle and related services through the registry agent network. Motor vehicles services include driver and vehicle licensing, motor vehicle searches, driver’s abstracts, payment of fines, and personalized licence plate applications and many more. The ministry also oversees Alberta’s expansive Motor Vehicle Database. Service Alberta administers motor vehicle programs jointly with Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation.

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